Transforming patient care through evidence-based disease management.

CliniPro® EMR plus Disease Management

CliniPro® is an award winning electronic medical record (EMR/EHR), disease management solution providing powerful tools to improve practice workflow and patient care. The ideal solution to meet your clinical, financial, and administrative needs, coupled with practical functionality and the ongoing support necessary to remain competitive in a fast-changing  medical practice environment. Click here to go to the CliniPro® website

Patient demographics at your fingertips.

A searchable patient database that instantly gives you the clinical information you need to make treatment decisions. Data includes a full range of clinical and personal information that can be analyzed for intervention, proactive disease management, statistical analysis and reporting.

Easy to use multi-location scheduling and patient intake.

The CliniPro® NuPointment feature allows staff in multiple locations to easily schedule medical appointments, educational classes, and staff meetings. The intuitive system automatically populates intake and encounter forms based on appointment type, reducing stress and mistakes in a multi-user system.

Streamlined e-prescription.

Certification by Surescripts® allows for interoperability with pharmacies across the nation for improved safety and efficiency of the medication prescribing process as well as the quality of patient care. CliniPro® gives you the ability to view medication history, and electronically write and send prescriptions with ease.

Efficient documentation and standardized reporting.

CliniPro® standardized forms automate the routine and time-consuming documentation required to care for patients with chronic disease and help ensure adherence to strict reporting guidelines. CliniPro® facilitates collaboration among all members of the team giving each access to a centralized health record and a way to quickly communicate the needs and recommendations for a given patient.

Improved patient compliance through electronic  education delivery and progress tracking.

Ongoing patient education promotes successful outcomes and improves compliance and with CliniPro® NuEducation, patient education has never been easier. Once an encounter has been started, corresponding classes are automatically populated within the patient record. You can then schedule patients for individual or group classes, create customized classes, view patient attendance and access progress reports.

Save time with efficient communication.

CliniPro® NuLetter provides preformatted and customized letter templates that can be merged with patient data for efficient professional correspondence with patients, other care providers, and members of the care team.

Quickly coordinate and archive the exchange of patient specific information.

The electronic mail system within CliniPro®, NuMail allows you to easily coordinate the exchange of patient specific information. All communications can be archived in patient charts for quick reference and point-of-care access.

Efficient exchange of information through HL7 Interface.

HL7 is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology. By providing common language parameters to support the exchange of information for clinical decisions and treatments, you can improve care delivery, optimize workflow, reduce ambiguity and enhance knowledge transfer. CliniPro® currently offers multiple versions of the HL7 interface.

Easy to use electronic disease registry.

An electronic registry compiles information from CliniPro® medical records providing a snapshot of ongoing patient care. With extensive data at your fingertips, you are better able to provide more personalized and more effective treatment, monitor progress, and coordinate with experts to identify and solve any treatment problems; leading to better disease management and in-depth reporting.

Patient portal encourages patient self-management.

The patient’s active involvement in their own care is critical in managing chronic health problems and diseases. The patient portal enables providers to offer a service to their patients while improving office efficiency and enhancing care delivery. Patients can take an active role in their health while maintaining a direct link to their care provider. Your practice can send patients reminders, education materials, statements, and lab results saving you time and resources by eliminating unnecessary appointments.

Diabetes Partner

Diabetes Partner™ is a disease specific patient portal connecting care providers who specialize in diabetes management with their patients to promote self-management. 

ARRA meaningful use.

CliniPro® provides all the features for your practice to qualify for meaningful use of electronic health record as defined by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009.

More than 1,100 clinics across the U.S. rely on NuMedics clinical software solutions and CliniPro® to increase efficiency and improve patient health outcomes. Contact us today for a product demonstration and to see how we can help you. 1-888-254-6477