For Clinicians

Easy-to-use applications for increased efficiency and evidence based  outcomes.

NuMedics award-winning software and online applications streamline patient management with easy-to-use tools for recording, storing and sharing clinical treatments and patient data, remote patient communication, and scheduling.

Care providers can upload patients’ diabetes device data via the cloud, display that data in a thorough set of charts, trending graphs and summary reports, and transfer those reports to EMR/EHR via an HL7 interface, all through one diabetes data management system.

Simplified Point of Care Data Entry

Easily collect, compile, summarize, and store patient information.

Efficient Data Management

Upload patient data from more than 30 leading devices – anytime, anywhere.

Evidence-Based Health Analysis

Secure access to frequently requested outcomes reporting in standardized charts, graphs and summaries for evidence-based treatment and management.

Proactive Team Approach

Online clinical and patient applications easily connect and foster a team approach to treatment for more efficiency, effectiveness and patient empowerment in the proactive management of chronic disease.

Efficient Disease Management Software

Care providers can connect directly with their patients who use Diabetes Partner via CliniProWeb, which can be used in combination with CliniPro or as standalone diabetes data management software. This direct link offers a more efficient, more effective means of communication and diabetes monitoring.

More than 1,100 clinics across the U.S. rely on NuMedics clinical software solutions to increase efficiency and improve patient health outcomes. Contact us today for a product demonstration and to see how we can help you.