For Patients

Easy-to-use diabetes management applications, so you can improve your health and go about living your life.

Diabetes is complex. Managing your diabetes shouldn’t be. That’s why our NuMedics patient application is easy to use, interactive, and proactive. Simple solutions for you to self-monitor your health and critical daily activities so you can make better decisions and effectively manage your diabetes.

Your health data at your fingertips.

Track your blood sugar, insulin, medications, food intake, and exercise activity all in one place with an easy to understand patient friendly application. Easily share this data with your doctor and care givers for quick, on-the-go communication and support between appointments.

Fully compatible with leading devices.

Simply record and share data fromo over 30 commonly used diabetes devices including blood sugar monitors, insulin pumps, diet and exercise trackers and more. Sync your devices for a comprehensive view of your health all in one place with easy to understand reports.

Secure on-line portal to track all your vital statistics.

Diabetes Partner by NuMedics® is an easy-to-use secure web application to track your vital statistics and quickly generate reports and analysis charts. Accessible anywhere, the online portal fits your daily routines to efficiently and accurately record and analyze important health factors. The data is then easily shared to your care team.

Improve your care and reduce your medical costs.

Easily shared health data establishes a better partnership between you and your care providers in the management of diabetes for superior care, improved health and lowered costs. By giving you the tools to self-monitor your diabetes and enabling the sharing of this data with your care provider, your health is better managed between visits, the risk of disease related complications is minimized, and costly medical appointments are reduced.