About NuMedics

Advancing healthcare. Enhancing lives.

The pioneer of modern telemedicine, NuMedics, Inc. was founded in 1993 with the original purpose of developing a better tool for diabetes management. Now an established industry leader, NuMedics continues to expand telemedicine infrastructure and disease management capabilities for clinicians and patients with advanced software applications that incorporate point-of-care data management and health analysis tools.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, with headquarters in Tigard, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, NuMedics serves clients across diverse medical disciplines and clinical settings. Our team of dedicated researchers and software engineers is committed to furthering telemedicine and disease management capabilities. We continue to envision and design software applications that at their core:

  • Promote better outcomes and a higher standard of care
  • Incorporate evidence-based solutions
  • Facilitate self-management capabilities for patients
  • Overcome barriers of time and distance between care providers and patients

Diabetes Statistics

With alarming predictions that more than 54.9 million Americans¹ and 438 million people worldwide² will have diabetes by 2030, we understand the importance of our work. We continue to dedicate ourselves to helping those who are afflicted better control this potentially disabling and deadly disease.


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