NuMedics is the pioneer in the development of diabetes disease management applications. We provide applications and software tools that aggregate data from blood sugar monitors, insulin pumps, and other devices and present a more comprehensive view for evidence-based treatments of diabetes.


Clinicians rely on NuMedics online applications to record, store and share clinical treatments and patient data, and to easily communicate with their patients.


Patients enjoy NuMedics interactive applications to self-monitor, record and share data, and easily communicate with their clinicians.

Device Integration

Commonly used diabetes devices seamlessly integrate with NuMedics applications for easy adoption by clinicians.

API Development

API Developers rely on NuMedics API Hooks to connect and deliver data directly to clinicians using proprietary applications.

For more than twenty years, NuMedics has been raising the standard of care with cost-effective evidence-based disease management solutions that are interactive, proactive and easy to use, so patients can go about living their lives.