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When NuMedics receives questions from CliniPro® users, we answer each customer directly. We also realize that other users may have the same concerns. So, we make note of the most common questions and list them here in the FAQ.

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CliniPro® Related Questions

Q: What is CliniPro?

A: CliniPro is a clinician-focused disease management software application with integrated medical office and records management features. The easy-to-use software is designed to help healthcare professionals streamline data collection and delivery; improve and demonstrate quality of care; track outcomes and achieve superior measures; adhere to national standards of care; and save time and money.

Q: Who developed CliniPro?

A: CliniPro was designed by NuMedics, Inc., an innovator in the computer-assisted disease management field. The company, headquartered in Tigard, Oregon and founded in 1993, develops software applications that operate in a Microsoft® Windows® environment. NuMedics’ products incorporate point-of-care data management tools, health analysis features and telemedicine capabilities to foster efficiency, effectiveness and patient empowerment. In addition to CliniPro, NuMedics has also developed Diabetes Partner™, a software package that enables diabetes patients to play an active role in the management of their disease and overall health.

Q: What are CliniPro’s primary features?

A: As a full-featured disease management system, CliniPro addresses the entire spectrum on a medical office’s needs – from streamlining administrative tasks to implementing a centralized electronic patient chart. The system’s features* include:

  • Patient Chart and Medical Record
  • Nutrition Assessment and Planning
  • Patient Demographics Database
  • Outcomes Reports
  • Diabetes Tracking and Analysis Tools
  • Diabetes Education Management Module
  • Electronic Scheduler
  • Electronic Mail System
  • Form Letter Capabilities

*For more information about CliniPro’s features, such as automatic on-screen "ticklers," refer to the detailed features list or request an interactive demonstration version of the software.

Q: What advantages does CliniPro offer?

A: CliniPro is designed to help care providers streamline workflow and more efficiently and effectively manage their patients. CliniPro benefits healthcare organizations and their patients by allowing them to:

  • Retrieve and update medical information on demand, schedule appointments from anywhere in the clinic, communicate with other members of the care team directly from the computer desktop, and import data from other systems.
  • Streamline data collection by: capturing data directly from blood glucose meters; utilizing databases to record medications and International Classification of Diseases/Current Procedural Terminology (ICD/CPT) codes; importing data from other systems; and entering data on an easy-to-use, intuitive electronic patient chart.
  • Track vital factors with a variety of color-coded charts and measure individual and aggregate outcomes to make proactive, evidence-based care decisions and demonstrate the efficacy of a program’s care models.
  • Collect and compile data needed to demonstrate compliance with recognized standards of diabetes care and meet federal reporting guidelines.
  • Manage a diabetes education program and gather data needed to earn or maintain recognition by the American Diabetes Association.
  • Reduce costs for both patient and provider with better documentation of service, elimination of unnecessary office or emergency room visits, prevention of costly long-term disease-related complications, movement toward a paperless office, and more.

Q: What outcomes does CliniPro measure?

A: CliniPro includes more than 110 pre-formatted reports to help clinicians measure individual and aggregate outcomes; demonstrate the efficacy of care protocols; ensure compliance with national standards of care; meet federal reporting guidelines; and achieve or maintain status as ADA-recognized diabetes educators. The comprehensive set* of reports includes, but is not limited to:

  • Patient List
  • Patient List by Primary Insurance Company
  • Patient List by Selected Medication
  • Lab/Exam Checklist
  • Labs and Exams Due
  • Patient Interview Results
  • Log Book
  • Diabetes Mellitus Statistics
  • HbA1c Statistics

*Please refer to the complete CliniPro outcomes reports list for more details.

Q: Which blood glucose meters are compatible with CliniPro?

A: With CliniPro, healthcare professionals can capture data directly from the patient’s meter, thereby eliminating data-entry errors and ensuring the accuracy of patient records. The system supports the following meters:

Q: What is included in CliniPro’s Diabetes Education Management Module?

A: This module helps diabetes educators manage their education program and collect data required for recognition as a certified diabetes education program by the American Diabetes Association. The features include a series of customizable patient interviews and evaluations, class and individual consultation schedules, course summaries, and patient attendance and progress reports.

Q: Is CliniPro easy to use?

A: Yes. CliniPro’s graphical user interface includes drop-down menus, check boxes, data fields, and more to allow point-and-click access to patient records. Context-sensitive help screens and pop-up hints are available throughout the user-friendly program.

Q: Will my patients records remain secure and confidential in CliniPro?

A: Yes. All of CliniPro’s features are password protected. Anyone in the clinic who is authorized to use CliniPro is assigned a user name and an accompanying encrypted password. The clinic’s Program Administrator can also use NuAdmin to indicate which features or files can be accessed by specific users. Note: Organizations using NuMedics applications are not precluded from applying their own security standards to the CliniPro system.

Q: Can users at different computer stations work within the same patient file at the same time?

A: Yes. CliniPro allows members of the care team to work in the same file concurrently. For example: While the physician reviews the patient’s chart, a nurse or diabetes educator can conduct his or her diabetes education interviews’ at the same time, the front office staff may be updating the same patient’s insurance information.

Q: What kind of computer hardware does CliniPro require?

A: CliniPro is designed to work in a stand-alone computer (with Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, or Windows 2000) or network environment. Because the software is adaptable, selecting hardware and network devices often depends on a clinic’s particular needs. NuMedics’ technical team can provide a set of hardware and service recommendations to answer this question in greater detail.

Q: Is CliniPro easy to install?

A: Yes. The CliniPro application is available in CD-ROM or via remote installation from NuMedics’ headquarters and follows a standard method of installation. In a network environment, the entire program is loaded onto the server and distributed to each of the workstations. The NuMedics technical team is available to assist clinics and their IS departments with the installation process.

Q: Can I convert my current database to CliniPro?

A: Yes. By converting existing patient databases to CliniPro and eliminating manual entry of current files, clinics can save time and money. That’s why NuMedics' staff will work with customers to develop a method for porting over data. Prior to CliniPro installation, the clinic should consult with NuMedics and provide a definition – preferably a copy or subset – of the clinic’s existing database. Healthcare organizations should plan on allowing NuMedics time to develop a plan of action for conversion. Once CliniPro is installed on the clinic’s network, NuMedics can integrate the current database with the new CliniPro system.

Q: How much training will my staff need in order to use CliniPro?

A: CliniPro’s easy-to-use format is similar to that of most Windows-compatible programs. Therefore, the amount of training a clinic needs depends on the staff’s computer literacy. Some employees, for example, may need basic Windows training – which is available through local organizations. In order to familiarize our customers with all of CliniPro’s features, NuMedics offers a three-day training session for each site’s Program Administrator(s). Once that training is complete, organizations can request customized workshops for the remaining staff members. Current CliniPro users suggest an allocation of: 2 to 4 hours for the front office or reception staff; 6 to 12 hours for data entry personnel; 2 to 4 hours for physicians; and 4 to 8 hours for diabetes educators, RNs and dietitians.

Q: Does NuMedics provide customer support for CliniPro users?

A: Yes. Whether they’re seeking help with a particular CliniPro feature or looking for suggestions about hardware changes or additions, CliniPro users can get immediate answers by calling our toll-free customer support line ((888) 254-6477). Users can also communicate with the NuMedics technical support team via e-mail, or refer to our quarterly newsletter and Q&A for help in the day-to-day use of CliniPro.

Q: Does CliniPro have telemedicine capabilities?

A: Yes, CliniPro users can capture vital health-related data via internet connection from patients who use Diabetes Partner, a self-management web application developed by NuMedics.

Q: Is CliniPro available in multiple languages?

A: Currently, CliniPro is only available in English; but, because interest in the system continues to grow, other languages are being considered.

Q: What is the cost of implementing the CliniPro system?

A: The cost of implementing CliniPro varies from clinic to clinic. Many factors, such as the number of workstations, available IS support, and required computer and CliniPro training, determine the overall cost of converting to CliniPro. NuMedics has developed an implementation guide and hardware and service recommendations to help healthcare organizations outline anticipated expenses.

Q: How do I purchase CliniPro?

A: Anyone interested in purchasing CliniPro – or learning more about the system – can contact our sales team toll free at (888) 254-6477 or info@numedics.com

Q: Glucovance is not listed as a medication. Can I add it? If so, can I also add it to the "Diabetes Oral Agents" group?

A: Yes. Select Edit -> Add a New Medication. The Find a Medication dialog box will appear. Simply click the button labeled "new". A dialog box will appear enabling you to enter the appropriate information. To add a medication to a group, choose the group from the list of Selected Medications by Group and click on it. Select Edit->Add a New Medication. The Find a Medication dialog box will appear. Type the text to find it or scroll down the list. Once you find the medication, click OK. Don't forget to save your work when you are finished.

Q: I recently referred one of my patients to a nephrologist. The specialist did not want an entire copy of the patient’s chart but simply requested specific information. Sorting through the patient’s medical record was a tedious process for my support staff. Can CliniPro simplify the process?

A: Yes. CliniPro includes a feature called NuLetter™, which allows you to use form letter templates to share specific data with patients and other physicians. You can use these templates by selecting the Write Form Letter option in the Actions drop-down list, or by clicking on the Form Letter button from the Encounter screen. NuMedics has created several standard form letters to get you started, including a letter to another doctor and an application for ADA recognition. Once you select the appropriate template, NuLetter automatically enters data from the patient file that appears on screen.

CliniPro also allows you to create your own customized form letters. Simply choose File from the main CliniPro screen and then select Create Form Letters. After you start a new document, you can enter the text of the letter and add data variables by pressing the Insert Patient Data button. Once you’re finished, you can save the document as a template to use over and over again.

You can combine NuLetter’s features with NuMail™, CliniPro’s electronic mail system, to make your job even easier. Once you’ve merged a patient’s file with a template, you can save the document and send it to the specialist as an attachment via NuMail.

Q: I’d like to ensure the accuracy of the data I enter into CliniPro — specifically the blood glucose readings. I know the best way to do this is to download readings directly from the meter. How do I set up my computer to read blood glucose meters?

A: Because you use blood glucose levels to customize a patient’s meal plan, medication dosage and exercise routine, it is vital that you record accurate readings. CliniPro gives you an advantage by allowing you to configure your system to read meters. To do this, choose the Communications drop-down menu from the main CliniPro window, then select Setup Communications. Simply mark the appropriate checkboxes in the dialog box and select the COM port you will use.

Later, when you want to download a reading from your patient’s meter, simply click Meter on the Actions toolbar or Actions drop-down menu or Patient Selection dialog box and select the meter type. For your convenience, CliniPro allows you to read most downloadable meters, including:

Because the download process differs from meter to meter, you can select the Prompt for Instructions box for guidance from CliniPro. If your patient uses a meter that is not compatible with CliniPro, you can key-in blood glucose readings in the Analysis screen by selecting Manually Enter Glucose Reading from the Actions drop-down menu.

Q: There are several staff members in our clinic who need authorized access to our CliniPro files. How do I set up an individual user name and password for each person? And, can I limit their access to specified areas in CliniPro?

A: Creating or modifying a user is easy and should be controlled by your facility’s designated Program Administrator. By opening NuAdmin, the administrator can use the General form to enter user information and identify which areas of CliniPro can be accessed by the user. For your clinic’s receptionist, for instance, you might authorize access to a patient’s chart and profile but restrict access to the rest of CliniPro’s features. More detailed, step-by-step instructions on setting up or modifying a CliniPro user are available in CliniPro’s Help section, Getting Started with CliniPro; manual, which is available upon request.

Diabetes Partner™ Related Questions

Q: What is Diabetes Partner?

A: Diabetes Partner is an easy-to-use web-based application designed by NuMedics to empower people with diabetes and help them take an active role in managing their disease and improving their quality of life.

Q: What are Diabetes Partner’s primary features?

A: Diabetes Partner was designed to help diabetes patients track the vital factors affecting their diabetes control and easily share the data with their physicians. By intensely monitoring blood glucose levels, medication and nutrition, patients can pinpoint areas that need improvement or identify potential problems before they occur. As a patient-oriented diabetes self-management tools, Diabetes Partner:

  • Tracks diabetes medication (both insulin and oral agents) in a Log Book format.
  • Includes a USDA Food Nutrition Database to help individuals with diabetes record their daily nutritional intake in a Log Book format; and, easily store favorite meals and recipes, as well as a breakdown of corresponding carbohydrate, protein, fat, and caloric counts.
  • Creates printable charts and graphs in a variety of color-coded formats to illustrate how medication dosage and eating habits affect a diabetes patient’s overall blood sugar control.
  • Indicates when blood glucose levels fall outside the target range set by a physician.
  • Interfaces with a variety of blood glucose meters to ensure accurate records; the software also allows individuals to manually enter test results and record notes about anything (such as stress, illness, or changes in exercise routine) that may have affected a particular reading.

Q: Which blood glucose meters are compatible with Diabetes Partner?

A: With Diabetes Partner, an individual with diabetes can transfer blood glucose results directly from his or her meter, ensuring the accuracy of the data in the electronic Log Book and Health Analysis. The software interfaces with the following meters:

Q: How many glucose readings can I enter in Diabetes Partner per day?

A: Diabetes Partner is adaptable to the blood glucose monitoring routine recommended by a patient’s care provider and, therefore, does not limit the number of readings transferred directly or entered manually each day.

Q: How will I benefit from using Diabetes Partner?

A: The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, a ten-year study involving more 1,400 volunteers with Type 1 diabetes, proved that by maintaining near-normal blood glucose levels, diabetes patients experienced fewer or delayed diabetes-related complications. By using Diabetes Partner to intensely monitor their daily routine, diabetes patients can see how a variety of factors affect their overall blood sugar and can, ultimately, gain better blood glucose control. Patients can also use the software to provide detailed log books and analysis charts and graphs to their clinicians (either by printing the data or sending the information electronically*). Such ongoing monitoring helps pinpoint potential problems and prevent costly complications, and saves patients time and money by avoiding unnecessary office visits.

Q: How do I get the maximum benefit from Diabetes Partner?

A: In order to get the most out of Diabetes Partner, users simply need to be diligent – by recording all pertinent data on a daily basis – and committed to improving their health and quality of life.

Q: How many items are included in the software’s food database?

A: The USDA Food Nutrition Database in Diabetes Partner includes more than 6,000 items, which are divided into more than 20 different categories.

Q: Does Diabetes Partner serve multiple users?

A: Yes. Diabetes Partner can be used by any number of individuals in a single household. Each patient must simply pay a yearly licensing fee.

Q: Does NuMedics provide customer support for Diabetes Partner users?

A: Yes. Patients have free installation support, as well as free technical support via the NuMedics toll-free number.

Q: Do I need special training or computer skills to use Diabetes Partner?

A: No. Diabetes Partner uses the standard navigational aids (point-and-click buttons, drop-down menus and lists, and data fields) found in many of today’s Windows®-compatible programs. The easy-to-use application includes a comprehensive Help section, as well as a QuickStart Guide to walk users through the program.

Q: What kind of computer system does Diabetes Partner require?

A: The minimum system requirements for patients using Diabetes Partner are:

  • Pentium-class CPU
  • Available serial port
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 20 MB of free hard-disk space
  • Internet Connection with Internet Explorer 6 or 7

Q: Is Diabetes Partner available in multiple languages?

A: Diabetes Partner is only available in English; but, because interest in the self-management software application continues to grow, other languages are being considered.

Q: How do I purchase Diabetes Partner?

A: Anyone interested in purchasing Diabetes Partner needs only visit www.DiabetesPartner.com to purchase.

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