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Our Products

NuMedics develops easy-to-use software applications for the management of electronic medical records and chronic disease. Our software integrates a variety of innovative features, point-of-care data entry, health analysis, and telemedicine, to foster efficiency, effectiveness and patient empowerment.

Software for Care Providers

To continue to transform and improve care, various new tools are needed in the physician's office. This has been the guiding factor in the development of CliniPro, a software application that allows care providers to monitor their patients and offer more efficient, more effective care directly from their computer desktops. Designed by NuMedics, this innovative award-winning program helps establish a team approach between patients and care providers in the proactive management of chronic disease. As an intuitive management system, CliniPro collects, compiles, summarizes and stores patient information for easy, secure access and frequently requested outcomes reporting.

CliniPro can also connect patients who use Diabetes Partner directly with their care providers to offer a more efficient, more effective means of communication and diabetes monitoring.

To request an online product demonstration, please contact us.

Web Application for Patients

Diabetes, a chronic condition in which the body doesn’t produce or properly use insulin, is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, although almost 7 million of these people are not aware that they have the disease, and the country’s annual expenditures for people with diabetes exceeds $170 billion, approximately 19% of the annual U.S. healthcare budget.

Studies have proven that the management of diabetes in order to maintain tight control of blood glucose levels is the most effective way to reduce or even prevent diabetes-related complications. Such comprehensive care aimed at maintaining or improving a diabetes patient’s quality of life, however, is both complex and costly.

With this in mind, NuMedics developed a full suite of products to help patients and care providers establish a partnership in the management of diabetes, and at the same time, lower costs and maintain superior care.

Blood glucose, medication, food, exercise, stress... They’re all factors that affect a diabetes patient’s overall health. Unfortunately, it’s difficult, and often overwhelming, to accurately track this vital information on a daily basis. It’s even more difficult to evaluate these day-to-day results or submit the information to a care provider quickly so healthcare recommendations can be made before complications arise.

That’s why NuMedics designed Diabetes Partner. It’s an easy-to-use web application that fits patient’s daily routines and, at the same time, improves the way important factors are recorded, analyzed and communicated to the care team.

This innovative self-management application is available at www.DiabetesPartner.com

Website Design and Hosting Services

NuMedics developed a web hosting solution for clinics that helps attract new patients and make the delivery of patient care more efficient. See the NuWeb page for more details, or contact us.

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