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Diabetes Partner Software Features

When it comes to diabetes management, blood glucose is often the main topic. After all, keeping your blood glucose level within your target range can help you live a long and healthy life. Therefore, it is important to know what factors make your level rise and fall, and how to use that information to benefit your health.

Diabetes Partner™ lets you download your blood glucose readings from most meters and insulin pumps, as well as input other important data such as medications, food intake, exercise, stress or illness; data then can be easily added to your electronic medical record. Once all data is gathered, it can be accessed, evaluated, and closely monitored by members of your care team, improving your overall care and health.

Blood Glucose: Monitoring your blood glucose level is essential in managing diabetes. Checking your blood glucose often can help you learn how food, activity level, medicine and insulin affect your blood glucose levels. Having this information can help you stay healthy and prevent or delay diabetic complications such as blindness and kidney failure. Diabetes Partner allows you to store an unlimited number of daily readings, helping you to identify factors that may have moved a particular reading out of the target range.

Medication: Insulin and other diabetes medications are intended to adjust your blood glucose level when diet and exercise are not enough to manage your diabetes. But the success of these medications, depend on the timing and size of the dose, as well as any other medications you take for conditions other than diabetes. Diabetes Partner includes an electronic log book for recording the amount of insulin and/or other medications administered during established timeslots each day.

Food: Healthy eating is a vital part of any diabetes management plan. But it is not just what you eat that affects your blood glucose level, how much you eat and when you eat matters too. Diabetes Partner incorporates a patient’s diet plan with a log book to record and store daily food intake with corresponding breakdown of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and caloric counts. Patients have access to the USDA database with nutritional breakdowns of more than 7,500 food items, and can also store personal recipes and favorite meals.

Exercise: Physical activity is another important part of your diabetes management plan. As you exercise, your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy, and when it becomes a regular activity, your body can improve its response to insulin, lowering your blood sugar level. Even light activities such as walking or housework can lower blood sugar level. Diabetes Partner allows you to track your daily physical activity to see how it affects your blood glucose levels, in case adjustments need to be made to your diabetes management plan.

Health Analysis Charts and Graphs: Diabetes Partner uses a variety of color-coded charts and graphs to identify patterns in your blood glucose levels as they relate to food, medication, and exercise over a set period of time. Seeing information presented graphically can help you recognize out-of-range patterns easily so you can act on them or alert your care provider.

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